Remodeling with Character

Giving you the convenience and comfort of today and the character of yesterday.

A home crafted for modern-day living

For over 35 years, we've been guiding homeowners through the complexities of home remodeling and renovation. One home at a time, our goal is to revive your home's character while enhancing its functionality to align perfectly with your lifestyle.


First-Floor Remodeling

Remodeling multiple rooms at the same time allows you to start fresh and make holistic changes for a more suitable, comfortable living space. Learn More ☞


Additions & Expansions

Expand your living space with additions that blend and integrate with the original architecture, maintaining the unique character of your vintage home. Learn More ☞


Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is where we spend countless hours of our lives. That’s a pretty good reason to make it a place of beauty and comfort. Learn More ☞


Bathroom Remodeling

Private spaces for self-care, relaxation, and renewal. Learn More ☞


You might have seen our trucks & signs in your neighborhood.

It’s our mission to build enduring relationships with our clients and it’s an honor to be the trusted go-to contractor for your community. Here are a few reasons folks have told us they’ve enjoyed working with us:

1. A shared passion for vintage homes.

We are a design-build remodeling contractor specializing in the architectural styles and craftsmanship of the late 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries. Our goal is to make your home a living part of history, remaining after we have gone on as a witness to the profound meaning of craft and home. Our Work  ☞

2. A team with character.

Inviting a contractor, a stranger, into this intimate space is a vulnerable act. You can count on us to be considerate. We are proud to have such an incredible team committed to taking care of you every step of the way. Meet Our Team ☞

3. A perfected process that eliminates stress and scope creep.

Our Design-Build Remodeling Process has been perfected by assisting hundreds of homeowners. We’ll guide you, step-by-step, helping you make decisions that honor your home, your life, your style, and your budget. 

Here to help, however you'd like us to.

Whether you prefer us to take the lead in design and construction or collaborate with an architect of your choice, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.



Choosing one contractor for both design and construction brings you numerous benefits. Our integrated approach provides a single point of accountability, offering greater flexibility, and consistent quality, and reducing your risk as the owner.


Design Partners

In some cases, our clients choose to partner with a peer within our industry, and that is perfectly fine! We welcome opportunities to collaborate with architects and interior designers. We serve the needs of the client, the project, and the team.


“As I’ve worked on houses, the ones that fascinate me most are the ones with old architecture. I love the lines, and proportions, and details, and seeing how they all work together.”

Meet Ben Quie ☞

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How much does it cost to remodel?

People ask us this question every day. The truth is there isn’t a simple answer. The cost to remodel your home will depend on many factors.