Sam Quie
Vice President & Co-Owner

“I have a lot of respect for the carpenters of the past, who built these houses with just hand tools. The amount of detail they went into compared with new home builders of today… I respect it a lot.”

As soon as he was old enough to be trusted not to lose a finger, Sam went to work cleaning up job sites for his Dad’s construction company. Many years have passed, but his enthusiasm for the trade has only grown from working as a Production Carpenter, Lead Carpenter, and now the Production Manager for Ben Quie & Sons.

Even though most of his time these days is spent in the office, he applies the same ethic of building and craftsmanship to creating business systems and processes that he would to redoing a kitchen or bathroom. Sam still scratches that woodworking itch though – whether by working on his own craftsman home, or making a cedar-strip canoe from scratch.

Over the years he has been with the company, one of his greatest joys has been building relationships with clients over several projects and seeing the impact of a new space on their lives.

Favorite Tool: A classic hammer. A Stiletto Titanium Hammer, and it’s got to have a wood handle.