Living in connection

Every room on your first floor should flow effortlessly into one another, creating a sense of unity.

The art of remodeling multiple rooms in a single project

Choosing to remodel an entire level allows you the opportunity to start fresh and make holistic changes. Here are some of the ways we build value into your first-floor remodeling project.

With the right layout and design, any room can live much larger. Professional design adds value by squeezing the most out of your space and your budget. Our design and production team brings innovative ideas to the table. Their attention to small details will make your home comfortable, beautiful, and efficient.

A Mighty Small Kitchen ☞

Our team is an exceptional group of people. Skilled and talented folk who truly enjoy the process of restoring and renovating old homes. You can count on us to be kind and considerate.

Meet Our Team ☞

  • A smooth process is the result of experience (knowing how much time it will take) and planning (having materials and labor ready at the right time).
  • Before we start work, everything will be set up to happen in the right amount of time in the right order, like pieces of a puzzle falling into place.
  • A dedicated project manager will be the single point of contact for your remodeling project.
  • The trade partners who will be working in your home are licensed and insured.
  • They are reliable, skilled professionals with high standards who will show up on time and treat your home with respect.

Your kitchen is at the heart of your main floor and it will be under construction for several weeks, so you’ll need a way to prepare and clean up simple meals. We’ll set up a temporary kitchenette for you. Usually, this means we move the old sink and sink cabinet to the basement and connect it to the basement laundry. For cooking, you’ll have a small countertop oven and a two-burner cooktop.

  • A complete set of detailed construction plans is your blueprint for success.
  • We follow all the building codes and local ordinances. Nothing is “under the radar.”
  • In urban areas, building codes often prohibit even small bump-outs. If your remodeling project requires a variance, we’ll navigate the process for you.

First-Floor Remodeling Solutions

Your first floor is the heart of your home, where much of the action takes place. Below, we outline common projects we undertake on the main floor.


1. Improve for Flow, Function & Light

Before, this bungalow was very dark and cramped. In an award-winning design, we strategically removed walls and were able to create a light-filled open floor plan. At the center of the design is a highly functional kitchen. Read More ☞


2. Reconfigure the Layout

Living in an older home can sometimes feel choppy and disjointed. In this project, we revamped the main floor’s layout by relocating the kitchen, dining room, and office.  Read More ☞


3. Restore the Kitchen-Dining Connection

While dining rooms in older homes often keep their original charm, kitchens often undergo drastic changes, losing their connection to the overall aesthetic. In smaller spaces, it’s crucial for the kitchen and dining room to seamlessly work together in both style and function. Read More ☞

Paving the way for modern living

To achieve the highest levels of quality, here are three reasons why we start by tearing it “down to the studs.”

1. Starting with a clean slate is a practical and efficient approach.

Especially when tackling multiple rooms in a single project, we want to ensure that the design and layout allow each room to flow into the other. Starting with a clean slate empowers us to redesign and enhance the arrangement, ensuring that the resulting spaces not only look stunning but also cater perfectly to your specific needs and preferences.

2. The walls in old homes are not square.

The only way to create straight walls and square corners for you is to start with raw space (demo to the studs). Cabinets, tile, moldings, and trim need new walls to hang neatly and fit just right. And there are often structural issues hidden behind 100-year-old walls.

3. Most older homes aren’t equipped to support modern lifestyles.

We specifically address concerns related to electrical, plumbing, and energy efficiency issues prevalent in many 20th-century homes.  Additionally, building codes and regulations evolve, and older structures may not meet current standards.

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