Second-Floor Addition Fit for Modern-Day Living

In the past, old homes were well-suited to their time. Today, homeowners of old homes love the charm of their houses and neighborhoods but often need more space. As a solution, many opt for a second-floor addition to address this space shortage.


Elevating a Craftsman Bungalow

Nestled in the Maclastor Grove neighborhood, a charming 1-½ story bungalow is transformed with a second-floor addition. Originally, the homeowners had intended to finish a room in the existing attic space, but the headroom in that area was too low. As a solution, we constructed a proper second story that includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a home office, all seamlessly connected by an updated staircase.

Blending In

Move the slider to see the transformation.

Raise the Roof!

The house in the area of the addition was 3 inches out of level. This required correction before framing the new addition. The roof structure was framed to within ¼” of a perfect square, using LVL framing. The result is an exceptionally straight structure, finished with a design that preserves the home’s original character and makes the addition feel like a natural extension of the house.


A charming blue primary bedroom. Notice the height of the ceiling – they are over 9 feet which is high for a second story. 


A Daily Retreat

In the bathroom, the homeowners had a great time collaborating with our designer to choose all the tiles and finishes to create their personal retreat. The design is complemented by a spacious glass shower, a double sink vanity, and a full wall of custom storage.


Functional Elegance

In the bathroom, there’s a double sink vanity complete with built-in medicine cabinets and display shelves. Additionally, you’ll discover hooks for towels, ample drawer space, and elegant, long-lasting soapstone countertops.


Historic Color Palette

A spacious walk-in shower is equipped with a relaxing rainfall shower head and bench for added convenience. The stunning choice of tiles within the shower draws inspiration from historic colors.


Standing the Test of Time

An L-shaped walk-in closet uses a high-quality oak interior made to last. The design makes use of every inch and can accommodate various types of storage. Custom shelving is positioned next to the window, while a closet rod with a shelf extends around the corner, mirroring the design on the adjacent side.

Open & Close

Concealing the Attic Space


The clever use of a bi-fold jib door conceals the attic space. Before we started, the entire floor looked similar to what lies behind this door.


With a gentle push, you can close the door to separate it from the upstairs. Having access to this space is great for storage and utility. The door is insulated to separate the addition from the unconditioned attic space.


Dedicated Home Office 

Also located in the second-floor addition is a dedicated home office with custom woodwork details and storage. The convenience of having an extra room tailored to your needs is especially valuable, given how we often repurpose our spaces for multiple functions.

Updating the Staircase

From Dark and Cramped to Warm and Inviting


At the top of the stairs, we opened up the walls and ceiling to bring in light from the upstairs windows.

Move the slider to see the transformation! The old attic stairs were steep and poorly lit. The new staircase feels much more open and inviting. The staircase was rebuilt to extend the length and meet safety standards.


Same House, Different Project!

It was important to the homeowners that their home had a cohesive design from top to bottom. In another project, we focused on the kitchen and dining room, returning both to a craftsman-style aesthetic. Woodcrafted Charm

Team Credits

Designer: Valerie Hill
Project Manager:
Paul Gorton
Lead Carpenter:
 Leaf Enz, Matt Edblom, Matt Beaver
Photos:  Chuck Perry

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Craftsmanship and Character

Working with Ben Quie & Sons on our remodeling project exceeded our expectations! We are completely satisfied with both their solid craftsmanship and character.

Cari and Mike Jaro