1924 Edwin Lundie Inspired Porch Conversion

Originally designed by the renowned Minnesotan architect Edwin Lundie, this home underwent a transformation under our team’s care. The side porch was originally designed and built as an open porch.  At some point, it was converted to a three-season porch using unsightly aluminum combination windows. We were tasked with converting this area into a four-season living space that can eventually be used by the owner as a main-level bedroom. Not only did this provide the homeowner with more livable square footage, but it also allowed us to pay homage to Mr. Lundie’s architectural style and legacy by taking great care in the details used for the new space.

Before & After

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Devotion to Details

To honor the design, we consulted architect Leffert Tigelaar, who is an expert in all things Lundie. In fact, he assisted Dale Mulfinger in writing his book on the Architecture of Edwin Lundie. The exterior panels were designed with a V-Groove panel to match those on the shutters. We had custom moldings made to match the interior and exterior trim exactly. Additionally, we repaired the existing columns and replaced the old rotted water table and drip cap which is designed to divert water away from the foundation.


Reviving Architecture & Color

Lundie’s work was distinguished by his commitment to detail and his appreciation for craftsmanship. When designing the exterior of the structure, we replicated the depth and detail in the exterior panels. To match the rest of the home’s exterior style, we replicated the beautiful, rich red hue, emphasizing its connection with the rest of the home’s exterior.


Planning for Aging-in-Place

For now, this room serves as a versatile space that can be used as needed. Eventually, the homeowner will use it as a bedroom, an important aspect of aging in place—having a bedroom on the first floor. Many choose to incorporate these types of remodels to enable independent and comfortable living in their own homes for as long as possible. The AARP provides a comprehensive aging-in-place checklist.





Transitioning from Room to Room

The floor was raised in elevation to eliminate the step, and the new oak floors were stained to match the living room. The storm doors were salvaged and reinstalled, repurposed as closet doors. The closet features adjustable shelving, providing flexibility and organization options to accommodate varying storage needs over time.


A Step into the Future

In the end, the homeowner enjoys a modern and functional space for years to come. By respecting the original architectural integrity during the transformation, this old home stands strong, offering enjoyment to future generations, Lundie enthusiasts, and even passing neighbors.

Team Credits

Designer: Ben Quie, Valerie Hill
Project Manager: Paul Gorton
Lead Carpenter: Leaf Enz
Photos: Troy Theis

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Craftsmanship and Character

Working with Ben Quie & Sons on our remodeling project exceeded our expectations! We are completely satisfied with both their solid craftsmanship and character.

Cari and Mike Jaro