1892 Victorian Home in Crocus Hill

Crocus Hill is known for being a walkable neighborhood filled with beautiful historic homes (and one of the few places you can still find cobblestone). New to the neighborhood and an old home this family looked to our team for a full bathroom gut and hallway laundry room remodel.


From Drawings to Reality

The owner’s bedroom now has an ensuite bathroom with a separate bath, shower, and water closet.  These new plans add comfort and privacy.  Additionally, notice how much larger the closet off the bedroom is now! Conveniently placed down the hall is a more functional laundry space with a laundry sink and room to fold.


Sleek, Clean Lines with a Hint of Vintage

At the top of the must-have list: a transitional design that fits well with a Victorian house. Note that a transitional style has cleaner lines, sleek profiles, and a more modern aesthetic without wiping out all the traditional details. The overall design is sleek, but if you look closely, you’ll spot vintage details such as the vintage clawfoot tub and wide-set Delta Cassidy faucet with cross handles

Naturally Beautiful

This double sink walnut vanity is a natural beauty. It’s rich in color, with a soothing vertical grain and attractive naturally occurring pattern.  Additionally, to the right there’s a white storage cabinet for linens, plus matching Robern mirrored medicine cabinets.  Overall, practical and stylish! 


Opened & Closed

See what this hidden laundry looks like with the doors closed!

Hidden Hallway Laundry Room

A once-small closet with stacking washer and dryer is transformed into a more functional laundry space. After discovering that the width of the hallway didn’t allow for doors, the team came up with the solution of bifold jib doors. It is a creative use of space, and when the doors are closed, it looks flat like a wall. To make this happen, we had the offset hinges custom machined. This means the doors swing open wider than a regular door to make space in the walkway.

Team Credits

Designer: Mary Ellen Rantanen
Lead Carpenter: Matt Beaver
Project Manager: Paul Gorton
Photos: Troy Thies

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