Historic Home Renovation on Summit Ave

When the homeowners purchased their home, renovating the kitchen was at the top of the list. They had a clear vision in mind: preserving the home’s character while incorporating modern functionality. As experts in historic home remodeling, we knew exactly how to bring their vision to life. We designed a traditional style that seamlessly blended with the home’s historical charm.

Light & Bright

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Starting Over from Scratch

There were problems in the kitchen due to past remodels where corners were cut. The homeowners couldn’t fully enjoy the space because something always felt “off.” To achieve the perfection they desired, we started from scratch. We stripped the kitchen down to the bare bones and revamped the entire design.


Balanced Design

To create a balanced look, the window above the sink was updated to match the one on the opposite end of the home. To tie everything together, classic white cabinets with glass doors match the window’s style. The lower cabinets were painted black with a glossy finish, which highlights the details but can also show imperfections. It took extra care and precise touch-ups to achieve a flawless result.

Wider Doorway

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Family Meals

The dining room serves as the main eating area, but the narrow doorway made moving between the two spaces difficult. Now with a wider doorway, the whole family can easily transition from the kitchen to the dining room.


Design Continuity

In addition to the window, other elements such as the existing base trim, doorway casing, and crown moulding in the dining room continue into the kitchen. Although separate rooms, the dining room and kitchen now work together in harmony.


Fit for a Chef

A double-wall oven is conveniently placed next to a sleek cooktop. Plus, plenty of storage keeps cooking essentials within arm’s reach. Above is a striking black hood vent hood where the team successfully ran exhaust piping along the ceiling joists to carry cooking odors to the outside. 

Concealed Window

Move the slider to see the transformation.

Historic Home Renovation Considerations

Due to the home’s locations, the plans were reviewed with the Historic Preservation Committee. The built-in table and benches were removed and replaced with a paneled refrigerator and pull-out pantry. We left and blacked out the window due to restrictions against altering the home’s exterior in a historic area. 


Cabinetry Full of Surprises

The French door, Dacor refrigerator, and pantry pack lots of storage into a compact space. In other areas of the kitchen, you’ll find tons of pullout storage, an appliance garage, and dedicated spots for trash and recycling. Everything has its own designated place, so you can easily keep things neat and tidy. No more searching for items or dealing with clutter!

Team Credits

Designer: Valerie Hill
Project Manager:
Paul Gorton
Lead Carpenter:
Wayne Holmberg 
Photos: Troy Thies

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An Eye for Restoring Old Homes

Ben’s team did an amazing job renovating our kitchen. While we initially worked with an architect, Ben provided his expert design guidance as well. He truly has an eye for restoring old homes.

Shannon O’Brien and Shaun Curtin