Timeless Blue Kitchen Design

A 1925 four-square home in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood undergoes a handsome kitchen remodel. The timeless design with clean lines has a modern aesthetic. The blue is comforting while the stainless steel appliances give it a sleek look.  Dark, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is durable and is a great contrast to the rest of the home.


Sleek Stainless and Vermont Slate 1673

The stainless steel appliances and custom blue cabinets complement each other perfectly. Vermont Slate #1673 from the Benjamin Moore Classics Collection is a cool blue with a touch of green. Rich, calming, and timeless. Stainless steel appliances are an attractive choice and popular for good reason. The material itself is resistant to stains and corrosion as well as bacteria.


Here Comes the Sun

To the left of the kitchen is the sunroom. We removed the pocket door and widened the opening to the sunroom, letting in a ray of sunshine. To create a more livable space, we replaced the old cast iron radiators with hydronic toe-kick heat. Hydronic toe-kick heat connects to the existing boiler, heats the room evenly, and saves space. 


Efficient and Enjoyable Workspace

It can be difficult to get excited about doing the dishes, but it helps when you have an enjoyable space to do them in. The bright, existing inswing casement windows and puck lighting add plenty of light. The deep farmhouse sink makes scrubbing big pots and cookie sheets easy. And there’s counter space for dirty dishes on one side and clean ones on the other. Just above the sink is a row of cabinets perfect for hiding the good snacks to reward yourself after a job well done.


Rise and Shine

There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. Lift up the door to the appliance garage and find frequently used kitchen gadgets.  The decorative detailing on the stair riser spices up the room with a traditional pattern.

Opened & Closed

Move the slider to see the transformation.

Perfect Pantry

There’s abundant storage in the floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets for cereal, canned goods, and just about anything else. Move the slider to peek inside the pantry.


Added Flair at the Back Entry

Step down from the kitchen to reach the back door. Along the stairs is the exposed foundation trimmed in white (a continuation of the baseboard from the kitchen). The accent wall uses decorative wall planks called “Stickwood”. Lastly, we installed a craftsman-style exterior door, painted to match the cabinets, with frosted glass for privacy. 

Team Credits

Designer: Amy Markus
Lead Carpenter: Leaf Enz
Photos: Troy Thies

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Craftsmanship and Judgement

Ben Quie and his team were reliable, honest, creative, and fun. During the project, we knew we could trust Ben’s advice and leadership at every turn. Now, as we enjoy our renovated home, we are grateful every day for Ben Quie & Sons’ craftsmanship and judgment.

~ Eric and Lisa Nicholson