1906 Kitchen Renovation

This 1906-built home had a 1960s kitchen that didn’t reflect the character of the home or the personalities of the homeowners. Our kitchen renovation challenge was to artfully blend contemporary and traditional design elements – making the new kitchen feel like it belongs in this early 20th-century home.


A Pop of Color

The dark cabinetry was replaced with a balance of warm wood on the base cabinets, a more whimsical, brighter shade above. The base cabinet between the stove and the basement door was angled to create spaciousness.


Eclectic Lighting

The lighting is a special touch: with the peninsula pendant giving a nod to the original period of the home, while others are more contemporary.


A Compact Bar

Adding a bar cabinet for guests means they don’t need to enter the kitchen work area for refreshments.

Seating for Two

Working within the original space, the wall between the dining room and kitchen was opened up, allowing seating for two and better flow throughout the main level of the home.

Special Touches

Textured granite mimics the look of soapstone, but without the maintenance or fragility. Dirty dishtowel? Just drop it in the original laundry chute. Cute!


Basement Stair-Storage

Older homes were built for people with a lot less stuff! (There wasn’t a Costco in 1906.) Open shelves were added along the basement stairs, making use of every inch of available space.


Backdoor Drop Zone

We made use of a blank wall perfect for a drop zone next to the back door. Reclaimed wood shelves and decorative hangers for pots and pans were tucked behind the back door.


The new, more efficient layout makes this compact 16 x 10 kitchen a joy to cook in. A rarely used banquette became the perfect space for the powder room.


Team Credits

Project Manager: Sam Quie
: Troy Thies

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Craftsmanship and Judgement

Ben Quie and his team were reliable, honest, creative, and fun. During the project, we knew we could trust Ben’s advice and leadership at every turn. Now, as we enjoy our renovated home, we are grateful every day for Ben Quie & Sons’ craftsmanship and judgment.

~ Eric and Lisa Nicholson